Wharfedale WLA-25 High Powered Line Array Speaker

Wharfedale WLA-25 High Powered Line Array Speaker

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Compact power with sonic detail.

The new WLA-25 is a two-way passive line array system which features the same design philosophy as its established larger brother, the WLA-28.

It brings long throw capabilities together with extreme SPL – all from within a compact and portable array system.

Key Features

  • 2 * 5″ Wharfedale Pro LF drivers
  • 16Ω impedance
  • Dispersion (-6dB) : 90° x 10°
  • Max SPL : LF 115dB, HF 131dB
  • Power LF : 100w (continuous) 400w (peak)
  • Power HF : 50w (continous) 200w (peak)
  • IRIS X Compression driver
  • Only 13kg

IRIS X Compression Driver

The biggest breakthrough during the development process was the creation of a custom Wharfedale Pro IRIS X neodymium HF compression driver.

This newly engineered HF component delivers extreme sensitivity from a very compact and lightweight design. Along with its supersensitive 1.75” voice coil, this HF compression driver also features aluminium back plating which acts as a heat sink to aid heat dissipation.
A hot transducer wastes energy, risks damage and distorts. IRIS X reduces this through improved heat dissipation and improved efficiency. This attention to detail protects the driver from heat damage and mechanical distortion during extreme performance levels.

In real-world terms, IRIS X transducers deliver higher SPL with less distortion. They lead the market with specifications and are designed and built entirely within Wharfedale Pro.

2 x 5″ LF transducers

The 2 * 5” custom LF drivers have been developed to work in partnership with the IRIS X neo HF driver. Rigid die cast baskets ensure consistent sonic performance with minimum distortion. The placement and physical mounting of all the drivers have been fine tuned to ensure maximum phase coherence and SPL are achieved from the compact cabinet.
The specially designed acoustic grilles in front of the 5” woofers optimise the midrange directivity while the HF exponential horn delivers consistent HF accuracy and detail. In addition, the trapezoidal enclosure has been developed to reduce any acoustic sidelobes within the array.


The hardware design allows the system to be groundstacked or it can be flown using the matching WLA-25 or WLA-25SUB Flyframe.
Up to 12 units of WLA-25 can be safely flown with a safety factor of 12.
Available in a black or white Rhino Rock covering, the compact WLA-25 system is a perfect setup for multi-function halls, theatres, and houses of worship.


For maximum control of such a system, the Versadrive series of Digital Matrix Controllers deliver dynamic effects processing which ensures the right frequencies are sent to the different components within the line array.

Flexible arrays

Arrays can be assembled using only WLA-25 line array modules or with WLA-25SUB Subwoofers at the top of the array.
The WLA-25SUB Fly Frame allows for a WLA-25SUB subwoofer to be used at the top of the array. The WLA-25SUB Fly Frame supports up to 12 x WLA-25 modules and 1 x WLA-25SUB with a safety factor of 12.
The WLA-25 Common Fly Frame allows for EITHER WLA-25SUB or WLA-25 configurations to be flown.

Ready for Ground stacking

WLA-25 rigging doubles up as an optimized ground stacking system, using the WLA-25SUB subwoofer as a base.
Arrays of WLA-25 line array elements can be aimed downwards by as much as 10° to cover audience areas close to a stage, as well as upward by as much as 10° in order to better cover distant balcony seating areas.


Model Name WLA-25

  • System Type Passive
  • Configuration Two-way
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 108Hz – 18kHz
  • Frequency Range (-10dB) 108Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity (2.83v/1m) HF:108dB/LF:100dB
  • Calculated Maximum SPL @1m HF:135dB/LF:127dB
  • System Rated Impedance 16Ω

LF Transducer

  • Size 130mm / 5”
  • Voice-Coil Size 35mm / 1.4”
  • Rated Impedance 16Ω
  • LF Power (re:AES2-2012) 2 * 60w

HF Transducer

  • HF Driver Type Compression Driver
  • Voice-Coil Size 44mm / 1.75”
  • Exit size 1″
  • Diaphragm Material Titanium
  • Rated Impedance 16Ω
  • HF Power (re:AES2-2012) 40w
  • Nominal Coverage (H x V) 100° x 10°


  • System Continuous Power 160w
  • System Programme Power 320w
  • System Peak Power 640w
  • Crossover frequency 3.7kHz


  • Input Connector 2 x speakON compatible
  • Integral side plate adjustable rigging 0°-10°
  • Enclosure
  • Enclosure Material 15mm,18mm Plywood
  • Finish Rhino Black or white paint
  • Grille Material Steel

Dimensions – unpacked

  • Height 164.5mm / 6.47″
  • Width 536mm / 21.10″
  • Depth 363mm / 14.29″

Dimensions – packed

  • Height 235mm / 9.25″
  • Width 606mm / 23.85″
  • Depth 430mm / 16.92″


  • Net Weight 13kg / 28.66lbs
  • Gross Weight 15kg / 33.06lbs

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