Wharfedale Titan 15D Active Speaker Pair

Wharfedale Titan 15D Active Speaker Pair

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Wharfedale Pro bring you the next generation of Titan, the Wharfedale Titan 15D.

Wharfedale Titan 15D models are bi-amplified, Class D technology is now used for the LF and Class A/B technology is now used for the HF, creating a more efficient and powerful system that is now even lighter than the previous generation.

With the Wharfedale Titan 15D Wharfedale Pro introduce Qubit™, our new powerful and precise 28/56-bit 192kHz DSP processing.

With advanced adaptive multi-band dynamic processing and filtering Qubit helps fine tune your system to sound natural and open. Qubit processing optimises the loudspeaker to provide smooth digital crossover points that are perfectly aligned in terms of phase response and time-domain. Protection is offered in the form of true independent adaptive LF and HF signal limiting that helps protect against thermal damage and driver over excursion.

Qubit has an extended frequency response that goes way beyond the capabilities of our hearing, providing an extended phase response that remains linear throughout our natural hearing range. This enables Titan D to reproduce exceptionally natural transients and exhibit perfectly aligned time-domain characteristics.


  • MODEL Titan 15D
  • Maximum Input Level 22dBu
  • Sensitivity 0dBu (-2.2dBv or 0.775Vrms)
  • Impedance Balanced: 200 ohm Unbalanced: 100 ohm
  • AC Power details
  • Power Supply High Efficiency Switching Mode Power Supply
  • AC Power Options AC100~120V / 220~240 V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Power On Indicator Green LED
  • Rigging / Bracket / Mounting Options 10 M8 threaded inserts including
  • 4 M8 threaded
  • inserts on bottom in OmniMount
  • 60.0-type footprint
  • Pole-mount receptacle with lock screw
  • 2 carry handles (one on each side)
  • Optional wall-mount bracket
  • Line Output Switchable LOOP / MIX Balanced Male XLR
  • Input A – type Switchable balanced mic or line level input
  • Input Sensitivity Mic: -40dBu (-42.2dBv or 7.75mVrms)
  • Line: 0dBu (-2.2dBv or 0.775Vrms)
  • Maximum Input Level 22dBu
  • Input Connector XLR – 1/4” Combo jack
  • Input Impedance Balanced: 10kΩ – Unbalanced: 5kΩ
  • Input B – type Line level input
  • XLR – 1/4” Combo jack: 0dBu (-2.2dBv or 0.775Vrms)
  • Input Sensitivity RCA: 0dBu (-2.2dBv or 0.775Vrms)
  • Maximum Input Level 22dBu
  • Input Connectors Combo jack: 1/4″ – XLR / Summed dual RCA jacks
  • Colours Black
  • Enclosure Material Injection Moulded Polypropylene
  • Gross Weight (kg / lbs) 27.7kg / 60.94lbs
  • Net Weight (kg / lbs) 22.9kg / 50.38lbs

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