Wharfedale Complete PA System

Wharfedale Complete PA System

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Great PA sound system for DJs, worship groups, and any event where crisp and clear sound is required. The system comes with:


2x Wharfedale EVPS 15″ Passive Speakers

1x Wharfedale MP1200 Power Amplifier

1x Wharfedale 12 Channel Mixer


Wharfedale R-1604

The RFX Mixer series, from Wharfedale Pro, is the latest version of the popular R-Series of compact, portable mixers now both featuring an integral 16 preset digital effects processor. The line consists of two models, the R1604FX and the R2004FX. Unlike most other manufacturers, the Wharfedale mixers are made by Wharfedale in their own factory.

Both Wharfedale RFX models offer LOW CUT filters and variable GAIN controls on the mono channels with a switchable gain selection on the stereo channels. Each channel sports a 60mm, long throw slide fader volume control. A MUTE switch is located on every channel which also routes the signal to the ALT 3-4 output buss. The MUTE switch has a LED indicator that shows that the switch is engaged. SOLO switches are also provided on each channel with a global SOLO indicator LED in the master section.


The built-in digital effects unit allows for selection of one of 16 global effect presets. Available presets are: DELAY 1, DELAY 2, ROOM 1, ROOM 2, ROOM 3, HALL 1, HALL 2, CHORUS 1, CHORUS 2, CHORUS 3, PLATE REVERB 1, PLATE REVERB 2, PLATE REVERB 3, ROTARY SPEAKER, FLANGE, BYPASS


  • 4 Stereo input channels
  • 4 Balanced/Unbalanced Mono Line Inputs
  • 4 Low Noise, High Headroom XLR Mic Inputs
  • 15 Preset Digital Effects
  • Three Band EQ In Each Input Channel
  • Separate Main Mix, Alt 3-4 Control Room & Headphone Output
  • 19″ Rack Mounting Kit Included

Wharfedale mp 1200

Power Amplifiers MP Series
Sonic accuracy and durability are the most important features of a professional power amplifier, which have been considered in all elements of the MP1200. Each model in the MP Series uses an all all-steel chassis along with state of the art electronic components, all housed within a unique amplifier design that provides high power and clean signal reproduction in a variety of applications and loudspeaker configurations.

Stereo & Bridge efficiency

The MP1200 will work efficiently in stereo and bridge modes. The amplifiers also run down to 2 Ohms safely in stereo mode which means that the amplifiers can be used for a multitude of setups. Use in bridge mode with an individual high-powered subwoofer or use a single MP1200 to power multiple speakers equally.


  •  High-end power amps with optional bridged mono operation mode
  •  Built in toroidal transformer
  •  Rear panel ground lift switch
  •  Class AB Topology
  •  All steel construction
  •  Continuously variable speed fan
  •  Sophisticated protection circuitry including; Soft start protection relay; Thermal overload protection; Short circuit protection; pen circuit protection
  •  Front controls including: Power Switch, Channel A and Channel B gain controls
  •  Front panel LED indicators for Power On, Peak, Protect
  •  Stereo/Bridge Mode switch on rear of unit

Wharfedale evp s15

We aim to manufacture affordable PA solutions which do not falter with quality on any aspect. For the EVP-S we’ve created one of our most durable, high powered PA speakers for professional bands, DJs and installations which is both ultra-efficient and ultra-affordable. We’re confident you won’t see such a high quality PA series at this price point on the market today.
We now only have one pair left available of these great sounding Wharfedale EVP-S15 speakers which were used for display purposes. The condition is very good with just a couple of minor marks on the cabinets and some marks to the top hat fitting underneath.
Speakers Wharfedale EVP S15 – EVP S15:

  •  Power: 400 Watts program at 8 ohms
  •  200 W RMS EACH.
  •  Sensitivity: 98 dB (1W/1m)
  •  Maximum SPL 126 dB.
  •  Bass speaker 15 “.
  •  Compression tweeter 1 .1 “.
  •  Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz.
  •  Connectors Speakon doubled and 6.35.Jack
  •  Dimensions: 644 X 459 X 332 mm

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