The 7 Best & Cheapest Acoustic Guitars in 2018 South Africa

A well made acoustic guitar costs a lot these days, and we often get asked what the best cheap acoustic guitar is. Here is a list with some info on the best cheapest acoustic guitars on the market in SA. Don’t be fooled by the price though, these are professional, gig ready instruments and all come with local support and warranty.

What is the best and cheapest acoustic guitar?

Guitar Model


Cort AD880CE Acoustic Electric GuitarR2,850.00
Ibanez PF15ECE Acoustic Electric GuitarR2,890.00
Ibanez PF17ECE Acoustic Electric GuitarR3,195.00
Ibanez AEG8e Acoustic Electric GuitarR3,250.00
Cort SFXe Acoustic Electric GuitarR3,285.00
Takamine GD10CE Acoustic Electric GuitarR4,245.00
Takamine GD15CE Acoustic Electric GuitarR4,990.00
This pricing was valid in July 2018

Cort AD880CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The AD880CE from Cort is a dreadnought cutaway acoustic guitar built with the high quality materials and workmanship you’d expect from Cort. Featuring a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fretboard on a mahogany neck, it also features a tiger stripe acrylic rosette and purfling which add a unique look. It has a warm natural sound with punchy mid range and is a highly versatile guitar suitable to a wide variety of playing styles. The AD880CE comes factory fitted with Cort’s CE304T ceramic pickup and preamp system with on board tuner, making it gig ready right out of the box.

  • Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • NECK Mahogany Neck
  • Ivory Binding w/ Tiger Acryl Purfling
  • Cort CE304T Preamp

Ibanez PF15ECE Acoustic Electric Guitar NT

With its characteristic broad and strong overtones, spruce is the classic top wood choice for big-bodied dreadnoughts. That’s why Ibanez chose spruce for the PF15ECE’s top, ensuring that it will provide you with an excellent balance between bold lows and sparkling highs. Combined with its mahogany back and sides, the PF15ECE acoustic-electric guitar also gives you amazing projection and phenomenal sustain. Dreadnought body style provides plenty of acoustic projection

  • Dreadnought cutaway body provides you with plenty of natural projection
  • Full, balanced tone, robust volume, and strong projection
  • Spruce top with X bracing delivers satisfying lows, clear highs, and an exceptional tonal balance for any kind of music
  • Mahogany back and sides add punch and a focused quality to your overall sound
  • Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard provides you with solid action
  • Ibanez under-saddle pickup
  • Ibanez AEQ2T preamp with onboard tuner

Ibanez PF17ECE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Ibanez PF17ECE is quite simply one of the best guitars we have seen at this price level. Finish, playability, electronics, quality, and sound, it is all there and at a price you simply won’t believe.

On the face of it, everything looks rather standard, but when you pick up and play this guitar it comes to life. Ibanez have done their homework and put together all the right ingredients that make a great, affordable guitar work, and we highly recommend that you give this instrument some serious consideration.

  • Cedar Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ivory Body Binding
  • Ibanez Advantage™ Bridge Pins
  • Ibanez AEQ-2T Preamp with Onboard Tuner
  • Satin Finish

Ibanez AEG8e Acoustic Electric Guitar

Acoustic guitars are being used more and more in modern rock music. It might be just for an intro, or it may form the backbone of an entire tune, but make no mistake; the acoustic guitar is making its presence felt more than ever before. The compact body found on the Ibanez AEG8ETRS series guitars provides clear separation for each string that makes it possible to hear each note, even through a crowded mix.

  • Ibanez Original AEG Body
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood Bridge & Fretboard
  • Balanced XLR & 1/4″ Outputs
  • Ibanez SPT Preamp

Cort SFX-e Acoustic Electric Guitar

Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, hence its overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for tops of acoustic guitars. Spruce’s versatile sonic character makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres and playing styles.

A modern concept developed for players seeking comfort and easier playability, the body depth is 83*83mm. As an entry model, this instrument does not feature an arched back.’

Includes a 3-band EQ for tonal flexibility and a built-in LED tuner for convenience. This high-value EQ system delivers a rich midrange with clear transparent highs.

  • SFX Slim Body Depth
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Modern “V” Shape Mahogany Neck
  • Black binding w/ White pearl purfling
  • Cort CE304T Preamp

Takamine GD10CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The GD10CE Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar from Takamine is constructed with a spruce top, and mahogany back and sides for a full and balanced tone with strong low end and plenty of volume. Its slim mahogany neck includes a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard with a 12″ radius and satin finish, which provides a comfortable feel and playability. Additional features include a pin-less rosewood bridge for easy string changes, synthetic bone nut and bridge saddle, rosewood headcap, pearloid dot inlays, chrome die-cast tuners, and an elegant natural satin finish.

  • Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Pin-less rosewood Bridge
  • Takamine TP-4T preamp system with onboard tuner
  • Natural satin Finish

Takamine GN15CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Out of stock

The GN15CE guitar is built to inspire musical creativity with Takamine’s compact but bold NEX body style, solid top construction and performance enhancing features including a soft Venetian cutaway and Takamine electronics. This guitar has everything you need to look and sound great on the stage. With a solid Spruce top combined with Rosewood back and sides you get a rich, articulate sound from the GN15.

  • NEX Cutaway
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Takamine TP-4TD Preamp with Build in Tuner
  • Quartersawn X Bracing

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