Tama Superstar hyper-drive 6pc ML62HZBNS-LAQUER Drumkit

Tama Superstar hyper-drive 6pc ML62HZBNS-LAQUER Drumkit

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The TAMA Superstar Hyper-Drive 6-piece Shell Pack gives you the great sound and rock-solid reliability you expect from TAMA drums, and then some! Using a combination of birch and basswood, these drums give you a very versatile sound. The Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive 6-piece Shell Pack includes an 18″x22″ bass drum, an 6-1/2″x10″ tom, a 7″x12″ tom, 12″x14″ and 14″x16″ floor toms, a 5-1/2″x14″ snare, and a double tom holder. You’ll also find top-notch hardware on the Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive 6-piece Shell Pack.

Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive 6-piece at a Glance:

  • Shell built for tone
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Premium sound for the money
  • Hardware and heads
  • Shell built for tone

TAMA’s highest priority feature when developing the Superstar series was sound. Superstar shells use birch for the main inner ply for strong projection and aggressive open sound. To enhance Superstar’s great looks, basswood, with its excellent consistency and regular grain patterns, is utilized for the inner ply on all Superstar shells as well as the outer ply on Superstar Custom SL. Precisely cut bearing edges bring out the great response and powerful resonance of these superbly crafted shells. Superstar Custom drums have lacquer finishes (high gloss or matte) for pro-level looks at a budget-friendly price.

Star-Cast Mounting System

All Superstar rack toms are fitted with a Star-Cast Mounting System similar to Starclassic drums. This unique system offers total tom isolation and unhindered shell resonance without the adverse effect on tuning or complicated head changes found in less advanced suspension designs.

Premium sound for the money

No other drum embodies pro features at an affordable price like Superstar.
In a first for this price range, Superstar is equipped with the same zinc die-cast hoops featured on Starclassic drums. Die-cast hoops not only make tuning easier and more consistent, they also provide crisp attack, clear and resonant highs, and much more powerful rim shots.

Hardware and heads

The Sound Bridge high-tension, low-mass lug was specifically designed for Superstar. Sound Bridge’s unique structure looks much like a traditional high-tension lug, but the body of the lug “floats” over the shell to minimize shell contact so the drum can resonate to its fullest. However, Sound Bridge still offers all the benefits of the traditional high-tension lug: it offsets the tension of the batter side and bottom side heads, reduces the stress on the shell, and provides greater protection to the drum shell during transport.
All Superstar’s “Power Craft” drum heads ensure a great sound practically right out of the box! Batter side heads are made of Dupont Mylar film for richer tone and greater durability. Ring mufflers on bass drum heads remove the need for extra internal muffling.

TAMA Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive 6-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Gold Yellow Metallic
  • Birch/Basswood shells
  • SLB22EZBN – 18″x22″ Bass Drum x 1
  • SLT10HBN – 6-1/2″x10″ Tom Tom x 1
  • SLT12HBN – 7″x12″ Tom Tom x 1
  • SLF14ABN – 12″x14″ Floor Tom x 1
  • SLF16ABN – 14″x16″ Floor Tom x 1
  • SLS55BN – 5-1/2″x14″ Snare Drum x 1
  • MTH900AS – Tom Adapter (2)
  • Stellar performance from an affordable kit, with the TAMA Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive 6-piece Shell Pack!

If you’re looking for a full set of hardware to go with your new shell kit, look no further than the Tama HB5W hardware pack. With a snare stand, straight and boom cymbal stands, hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal, this has virtually everything you need to get going with your drums.

  • HS60W Snare Stand
  • HC63W (Boom) + HC72WN (Straight) Cymbal Stands
  • HH205 Hi-Hat Stand
  • HP200P Single Kick Drum Pedal

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