Samson Q1U Dynamic USB Microphone

Samson Q1U Dynamic USB Microphone

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[gap]Samson Q1U Dynamic USB Microphone –

We made the first USB studio condenser, now we’ve made the first professional dynamic USB mic!

The Q1U features a smooth sounding neodymium element, capable of handling high SPL, cleverly interfaced to an on-board high quality microphone pre-amp, Analog-to-Digital converter and USB output. Just plug in the supplied USB cable, launch your DAW and start recording.

The extended frequency and fast transient response insures an accurate reproduction with linear characteristics from bottom to top. The Q1U faithfully reproduces a variety of sound sources including vocals, acoustic instruments and overhead cymbals, and can handle high SPL perfect for use on drums or in front of a loud guitar amp.

The Q1U is perfect for recording your music, Podcast or any acoustic audio source on your favorite computer based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).


To get information about Samson’s SofPre and download the Applet please visit our dedicated SoftPre Page

The Samson Q1U will work without the SoftPre applet software using the standard drivers included in your computer’s operating system. However if you would like added functionality of the Samson SoftPre applet (Input Level Meter, Volume control, High-pass filter and Phase Switch), you may download the appropriate one for your operating system at our SoftPre Page.

Windows Applet Note: The Windows SoftPre applet supports WDM and is designed to work with Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Without the Soft pre applet, Windows should recognize the mic and use the Windows mixer as a volume control if needed.

Be sure to check the FAQs for the latest info on how to integrate the Q1U with your recording software.

 Click here to watch the Samson USB Mics basic principles Video!


Dynamic Handheld Microphone with USB interface

Plugs in directly to any computer with a USB input

High Quality A/D Converter with 16-Bit, 48kHz Sampling Rate

Super Cardioid Pickup Pattern

Compatible with any Computer Based Digital Audio Workstation

Tripod desk stand and carry pouch included 



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