Roland CD2I SDCD Recorder

Roland CD2I SDCD Recorder

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This product is discontinued or not available. Call us on 011 454 3113 or send us a mail for advice on a replacement.

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[gap]Roland CD2I SDCD Recorder –  

CD Burning in an Instant

Point, record, play, and burn – the new CD-2i makes recording and CD production more convenient than ever. Everything is self-contained, with no computer or external gear required. And it’s super simple to use! The clear LCD screen, backlit buttons, and Easy Guide feature make using the CD-2i effortless. A high-quality stereo microphone is built into the CD-2i for easy “point and capture” recording, with XLR, 1/4-inch, and RCA inputs included for those who wish to incorporate other mics and devices. Loaded with features for recording, polishing, playback, music practice, and more, this do-everything box is a must-have for anyone who needs high-quality, portable CD production.

  • – Simple recording direct to CD-R/RW or SD memory card
  • – All-in-one portable design; thin, sturdy, and stylish
  • – High-quality sound via built-in stereo microphone and speakers
  • – Easy-to-use interface with EASY GUIDE function
  • – REHEARSAL function to set the best input level for recording automatically
  • – Key, speed, and center cancel playback functions for lessons
  • – XLR with phantom power; phono equalizer
  • – Wireless remote controller
  • – Battery or AC power (6 AA batteries; AC adaptor included)
  • [Note] Recording and playback via SD memory cards is possible with battery power. For recording and playback with using CD-R/RW, use the included AC adaptor.

    Recorder Part

    Tracks 2 (Stereo)Sampling Rate 44.1 kHzSignal Processing AD/DA conversion: 24-bitRecording Mode SD Memory Card: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit)

    CD-R, CD-RW: Audio CDRecording Media SD Memory Card (supports 64 MB to 16 GB, compatible with SDHC format)

    * 32 GB Card not supported

    CD-R, CD-RWRecording Time

    (CD-R/CD-RW) 650 MB disc: 74 min

    700 MB disc: 80 minRecording Time

    (SD Memory Card) CD-2i Recordinf Time

    * Each recording time is an approximate estimate including some errors.

    * In case that there are plural files, the sum of recording time would be shorter than above.

    * Maximum recording time of one song is 74 minutes.

    Recording Songs Up to 99 songs on a single SD Memory Card, CD-R, or CD-RW


    Audio Input Internal Stereo Microphone

    EXT MIC Input L/MONO, R Jack: 1/4 inch phone type

    EXT MIC MONO Input Jack: XLR type (with phantom power)

    LINE/PHONO Input Jacks (L, R): RCA phono typeAudio Output Internal Stereo Speaker

    Line Out Jacks: RCA phono type

    PHONES Jack: Stereo miniature phone typeFrequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz ( 0dB/-2dB)Nominal Input Level (variable) EXT MIC Input L/MONO, R Jack: -51 to -14 dBu

    EXT MIC MONO Input Jack: -51 to -14 dBu

    LINE/PHONO Input Jacks (L, R): -24 to 0 dBu (LINE) / -55 to -30 dBu (PHONO)Nominal Output Level Line Output Jack: -10 dBuInput Impedance EXT MIC Input L/MONO, R Jack: 20 k ohms

    EXT MIC MONO Input Jack: 10 k ohms

    LINE/PHONO Input Jacks (L, R): 9 k ohms (LINE) / 50 k ohms (PHONO)Output Impedance Line Output Jack: 1 k ohms

    Phones Jack: 32 ohms


    Display 16 characters, two lines (backlit LCD)Power Supply AC Adaptor

    Alkaline dry battery LR6 (AA) type x 6 or Nickel-metal hydride battery x 6Current Draw 800 mA

    Expected battery life under continuous use Alkaline dry batteries: approximately 5 hours

    Nickel-metal hydride batteries: approximately 6 hours

    * The time may vary according to usage conditions, batteries used, and type of SD memory card used.Accessories Remote Controller (with Battery CR2025), AC Adaptor, Power Cord, SD Memory Card, CD-R Disc (Blank media), SD Card Protector, Quick Start, Owner’s ManualOption Carrying Case (CB-CD2E), Stereo Microphone???(CS-15R), Stand (SS-PC1)

    Size and Weight

    Width (W)275 mm10-7/8 inchesDepth (D)196 mm7-3/4 inchesHeight (H)50 mm2 inchesWeight 1.27 kg2 lbs. 13 oz.

    0 dBu = 0.775 V rms

    Fugue ? 1999-2010 Kyoto Software Research, Inc. All rights reserved.

    All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


*Catalogue Item = availability, price, image, model and specifications may differ at time of purchase, all be it after time of check-out/fulfilment of payment. For your own convenience, please confirm with us first.

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