Mapex P710TW Twin Bass Drum Pedal

Mapex P710TW Twin Bass Drum Pedal

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Mapex P710TW Twin Bass Drum Pedal –


Every first step is a big deal and your first bass drum pedal is no exception. It has to be fast, rugged and, of course, look cool! The new Mapex P710 (single) and the P710TW (double) bass drum pedals are changing the rules on what an “entry level” pedal is supposed to be.The P710 Series pedals start with a strong and solid double chain that will handle all of the fast footwork you can throw at it. The P710’s solid steel base plate with adjustable spurs provides all of the strength and stability you’ll ever need.
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Double chain drive system & solid base plate Compact footprint

113mm frame wide Only
Reversible beater head
If the P710’s beaters look familiar, they should.Mapex has incorporated several features found on the Falcon and Raptor pedals, like a smaller footprint and quick and easy adjustment points. Visit your nearest Mapex dealer for a P710 bass drum pedal — and step on it!


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