Mapex Horizon HX5045T GT Drum Kit

Mapex Horizon HX5045T GT Drum Kit

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This product is discontinued or not available. Call us on 011 454 3113 or send us a mail for advice on a replacement.

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[gap]Mapex Horizon HX5045T GT Drum Kit – The Horizon HX rewrites the book on what features an entry level drum set should have. The all basswood shell produces rich tones with remarkable sustain. The tone is further enhanced by the re-designed Mapex Isolated Tom Holder System (ITS). This new compact and lightweight system keeps the mounting hardware off of the shell allowing it to vibrate more freely. The re-styled tom holder now includes a convenient spot for an auxiliary cymbal placement. The Horizon HX is available in several covered finishes. The hardware is newly designed Mapex 500 Series hardware. Mapex has clearly proven that great value is no longer on the Horizon. it is the Horizon.

  • 7.2mm Basswood shell with new durable high-gloss wrapped new finishes
  • New double tom holder with auxiliary cymbal placement position
  • Re-engineered Isolated Tom Mount System (ITS)
  • New tom bracket for quick set up and tear down
  • New low-profile cushioned bass drum claws
  • New 500 series hardware
  • New memory locks for extra security on 500 series hardware
  • New multi-sustain cymbal felts on 500 series hardware
  • New retractable Boom arm
  • Remo® drum heads and self muffling bass drum head

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