Ibanez W200C Electric Guitar case

Ibanez W200C Electric Guitar case

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Solid wood case with interior padded cushioning.

Ibanez guitar cases are ideal for players who want to transport their precious gear safely with road-tough protection, but also require a lighter case. The rugged shell of the W200C wood guitar case protects the instrument from dents, scratches, dust and water. The W200C is perfect for transporting Ibanez solid body and even left-handed model guitars. The Ibanez W200C cases include “Power pad” cushions. Simply by changing the cushion placement, the cases can accommodate various Ibanez guitars in different shapes.


  • Intended Type: Electric Guitar for RG 6/7/8, RGIM 7/8, RGIB, RGD, FR, S, SA, RC, TM, NDM and left-handed models
  • Handles/Straps: 1 x Handle
  • Pockets: 1
  • Exterior Length: 43.71 in.
  • Exterior Width: 14.18 in.
  • Exterior Depth: 4.14 in.
  • Interior Total Length: 42.92 in.
  • Interior Lower Bout Length: 21.66 in.
  • Interior Middle Bout Length: 8.47 in.
  • Interior Upper Bout Length: 11.03 in.
  • Interior Lower Bout Width: 12.01 in.
  • Interior Middle Bout Width: 12.8 in.
  • Interior Upper Bout Width: 12.8 in.
  • Interior Lower Bout Depth: 2.37 in.
  • Interior Middle Bout Depth: 2.37 in.
  • Interior Upper Bout Depth: 2.37 in.
  • Net Weight: 12.35 lb.

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