Ibanez RGIR27FE Electric Guitar

Ibanez RGIR27FE Electric Guitar

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Introducing Iron label. The Ibanez Iron Label RGIR27FE 7-String Electric Guitar with EMG Pickups combines great looks and superior Ibanez craftsmanship. It features a comfortable basswood body and an Ibanez Nitro Wizard-7 neck. Its bound rosewood fingerboard and jumbo frets offer effortless fingering the full length of the fretboard. EMG 707 pickups put out plenty of sonic diversity and power and come with a killswitch for some cool effects.
The renowned Ibanez RG and S guitars take on their most vicious metal form yet. Built on the chassis of the original RG and S bodies, Iron Label is made to drive hard all night. Fast, full throttle neck. Road tested matched DiMarzio or EMG pickups. Seasoned woods with a stark black-and-white aesthetic that eschews standard metal glitx for Metalcore swagger. You know were you’re going, Iron Label gets you there fast.
  • neck type:  Nitro Wizard-7 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck
  • body:  Basswood body
  • fretboard:  Bound Rosewood fretboard
  • fret:  Jumbo frets
  • bridge:  Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge
  • neck pickup:  EMG? 707 (H) neck pickup (Active/Alnico)
  • bridge pickup:  EMG? 707 (H) bridge pickup (Active/Alnico)
  • hardware color:  Cosmo black
  • The Ibanez Iron Label series is aimed at Metal guitarist who don?t want to pull any punches! Armed with Active EMG pick-ups and a Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge for extra stability in any tuning, the RGIR27FE 7 String Electric Guitar is a serious weapon. Engage the killswitch for the ultimate staccato riff effects!

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