Ibanez AGR73T Electric Guitar

Ibanez AGR73T Electric Guitar

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This product is discontinued or not available. Call us on 011 454 3113 or send us a mail for advice on a replacement.

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The AGR is most at home in the hands of a rocker who needs full-hollow body sound character. The high-gloss finish looks great under stage lights.



Neck Material:  Mahogany
Neck Type:  Artcore set-in
Body:  Maple top/back/sides
Frets:  Medium frets
Fingerboard:  Bound Rosewood
Inlay:  Pearl block inlay
Bridge:  ART2 roller bridge with VBF70 Vintage Vibrato
NeckPU:  ACH3-M
BridgePU:  ACH4-M
HW Color:  GD
Finishes:  TSW


AGR73TTSW bridge The VBF70 Vintage Vibrato* with ART-1 bridge lends another dimension of tone and nuance to a full-hollow guitar. *VBF70 Vintage Vibrato design licensed by Fred W. Gretsch Enterprises, Ltd. in the U.S.
AGR73TTSW inlay Features the Artcore block inlay throughout fretboard.
AGR73TTSW Body All Maple with a shallower body than AG models, yet full-hollow construction.
AGR73TTSW knobs The Sure Grip III knobs are designed for precise control with nonslip functionality, along with smooth and classic looks.
AGR73TTSW pickups Matching the AGR?s compact body, the Artcore Mini Humbucking pickups output full, yet warm and tight sound for various occasions.


  • Slim & comfoatable Artcore set-in neck
    Thinner body depth for the hyper active rock player 
    Sure Grip III knobs support precise control with nice and classic look
  • Advanced vibrato unit for AGR73T 
    Depth: 50mm at tail


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