Ibanez AEL10E Acoustic Electric Guitar BK

Ibanez AEL10E Acoustic Electric Guitar BK

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This product is discontinued or not available. Call us on 011 454 3113 or send us a mail for advice on a replacement.

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A large body guitar isn’t always what you want if the sound isn’t right.

The Ibanez AEL series, however, has the size, projection and beautiful tones that you need for any situation, The AEL features Ibanez’s largest acoustic guiter body and is an excellent choice for players who want an expansive, natural acoustic sound. Plugged in, the AEL has a B-Band? UST? pickup w/Ibanez SRTn preamp, delivering a sweet cascade of acoustic tones, never harsh or tinny, ready for any stage.


  • body shape Ibanez Original AEL Body
  • top Spruce
  • back & sides Maple
  • neck Mahogany
  • pickup B-Band? UST? Pickup
  • preamp Ibanez SRTn Preamp
  • tuning machine Chrome Ibanez Smooth Tuner AS
  • nut & saddles Ibanez Ivorex II
  • bridge pins Ibanez Advantage Bridge Pins
  • strap button Ibanez Strap Button for Acoustic Guitars
  • rosette Abalone
  • fretboard Rosewood


  • * Ibanez Original AEL Body
  • * Mahogany Neck
  • * B-Band? UST? Pickup
  • * Ibanez SRTn Preamp
  • * Ibanez Smooth Tuner AS
  • * Rosewood Bridge & Fretboard
  • * Balanced XLR & 1/4″ Outputs

B-Band? UST? Pickup & Ibanez SRTn Preamp with Notch Filter & Onboard Tuner

The B-Band? UST? pickup provides incredibly well-balanced and warm acoustic sound reproduction. Getting the right sound every time, no matter what the venue, is made possible by the Ibanez SRTn Preamp. The SRTn’s innovative notch filter-equipped feedback reduction system allows high, loud sound levels on-stage without any annoying squeal creeping into the mix. Adjustments are minimal-no more annoying onstage fiddling with your controls-and tuning up is a breeze thanks to the SRTn’s convenient onboard tuner.

Balanced XLR & 1/4″ Outputs

In addition to the 1/4″ output jack, a balanced XLR jack is included for direct connection to PA. AA battery operation avoids the difficulty in finding replacement batteries.

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