Focusrite Platinum Voice Master

Focusrite Platinum Voice Master

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The Focusrite Platinum VoiceMaster is a comprehensive mono channel strip, optimised for vocal use but able to process any instrument with outstanding results. The Class A preamp is capable of capturing every nuance from any source, whilst latency-free monitoring ensures direct and delay-free mix control. Additionally, tools such as the Voice-optimised EQ, Vintage Harmonics and Tube Sound allow you to get creative with a touch of class, putting your own stamp on every recording. All of this, combined with the 24-bit, 96kHz A/D option, mean that VoiceMaster is the perfect interface between your microphone and DAW or other recording media.


  • Class A Preamp Vintage Harmonics
  • Latency-free Monitoring Voice-optimised EQ
  • Custom Opto Compression
  • ISA Series De-esser
  • High quality A-D converter option
  • Insert points, FX send/returns & DI functionality

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