Denon HP700 40mm Speaker Driver Ear Cups Swivel Mechanism Action

Denon HP700 40mm Speaker Driver Ear Cups Swivel Mechanism Action

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Denon HP700 40mm Speaker Driver, Ear Cups Swivel Mechanism Action – Denon DJ delivers a premiumproduct with sound quality, style and performance that will surely make it the “must have” DJ headphone worldwide. The DN-HP700 features an impeccably clean vibrant sound that will withstand the demands of high volume, while maintaining its sonic characteristics. We did not forget about comfort, style and reliability either. Soft padded ear cups able to swivel 90 degrees with pivot action design, conform to all head sizes. The headphones are housed in a black matte color shell and branded with the Denon DJ logo etched in both stainless steel cups. With fidelity, style, reliability and comfort, this should be your only pair of DJ headphones. * 40mm drivers * 1,700 mW of input power * Neodymium magnet * Swivel ear cups for ease of one ear monitoring * Convenient one-side exit colied cable * Folding design for compact portability Dynamic, Closed Back Design When monitoring high levels of sound, the DJ can count on the DN-HP700 to deliver an outstanding 1,700 mWatts of thumping power to each insulated and hermetically sealed ear cup. Large 40mm Drivers The DN-HP700 features one of the largest speaker drivers in its class to preserve superb audio fidelity even at high volumes with heavy bass. Folding Design The flexible joints allow you to fold the headphones to half their size for spacesaving travel and protection. Dual Size H/P Connector The HP700 comes equipped with a nickel platted 1/4 adaptor (6.35mm) and is secured in place with its screw-on design. Once the adaptor is removed, the size becomes 1/8 (3.5mm) for use with portable media players. Other Features * Semi-Coiled Soft Insulated Cord * Reinforced Cable Strain for High Reliability * Real Stainless Steel Plate Etched with Denon DJ Logo * Cool Style and Design * Comfortable Headband for Long-term Wearing * Replaceable Ear Pads (optional) *

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