Audio Center MX3200 Amplifier

Audio Center MX3200 Amplifier

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This product is discontinued or not available. Call us on 011 454 3113 or send us a mail for advice on a replacement.

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[gap]Audio Center MX3200 Amplifier –

  • Sensitivity:1V
  • Damping factor:A&B≥250 SUB≥300
  • Slew rate:25V/μ
  • Filter capacitor capacity:

    22000μf / 63V×4(A&B)

    10000μf / 80V×2(SUB)
Important Features
  • Special RCA Function

    RCA connectors provide more flexibility. You can add more amps or sound processors for your favorite sound system.
  • Comprehensive protection

    Short circuit protect, overload protect, DC protect, Soft startup, Thermal protect, Limiter.
  • Unique SLDDTM sound dynamic processing circuit.(PATENTED)

    100ms limiter delay 10V limiter accurate 1.5V DC protection value. Different frequency makes the different delay value. This SLDDTM can make the best sound dynamic with electric feel and peak power. And it can protect the loudspeaker well with accurate DC protection.
  • Special LRSTM short circuit protection.(PATENTED)

    When the output is short circuit, it can mute the input signal and switch off the relay. At the same time, it locks the amp by circuit. You need to switch off the amp and then switch on again to restart the amp. LRSTM short circuit protection can make sure of the reliability of the whole sound system.
  • Unique LXTM input overload limiter protection.(PATENTED)

    The value is as high as 8V. You’ll never hear distortion. LXTM is working with sound dynamic. With ifferent power loading, frequencies and temperature, LXTM is working differently to make sure the protection of amps, speakers and sound dynamic. It can protect the loudspeakers very well.
  • Perfect sound performance

    With strong power and high dynamic at low frequency, clear sound at HF and MF, the frequency response is perfect.
  • Frequency response

    Frequency response up to A&B:60Hz~20KHz(±0.5dB)

  • Adjustable Crossover Point (70h-120hz)

    Left and right channel have rotary controls on the rear panel. This allows the installer to adjust between 70Hz-120Hz for favorite sound effect.
  • Powerful loading

    MX3200 is with1X1200W bass at 2ohm. This power specification means 1 amp can drive 4 speakers: 2 satellite and 2 bass.
  • Special & High Effective Crosstalk Shield

    Special design and material selection make strong the ability of anti-electromagnetism. This can effectively prevent the disturbance between machines.
  • Long-Hour Working

    24 hours continuous stable working


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